ProLite Mountain Sports, LLC is the owner and operator of a family of online retail sites. Each site in our portfolio is focused on a specific outdoor recreation consumer. ProLite Mountain Sports, LLC was founded in 2003, is privately-held, and is headquartered in Bozeman, Montana.
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Alpine Ski Team 2010
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Skiing - 2010 Alpine Ski Team

Meet some of the stars of the Girls Bridger Alpine Ski Team from Bozeman, Montana. These 9, 10 & 11 year olds love to ski. But what makes them go really fast? Their desire to beat the boys! We're certain there are a few future Olympians on the team, so we'll keep filming their journey.

Ice Climbing 2009
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Ice Climbing - 2009 Ice Season Opener

The primary goal of the Ice Season Opener is to provide a venue for competent and aspiring ice climbers alike to learn new skills. MMA's instructors offer a variety of workshops: the ABC's of Ice Climbing; Building Anchors; Placing Screws on Lead; Piton Craft; and the V-Thread. There are morning and afternoon sessions, so participants can sign up for two workshops.

Boating 2009
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Boating - 2009 Wipe Out Reel

The team at ProLite Mountain Sports got together to do some boating, and try their luck at wake surfing and water skiing. Here is a highlight reel of their wipeouts.